Unreal and fbx (or pba) for Destructible Mesh

Good day to you all.

I am in charge of exploring the integration and conception of a faster pipeline for fragmenting rigid body and destruction from Houdini to Unreal Engine. For anything pre-baked and exported as an animated skeleton mesh with FBX, i had no trouble in exporting/importing in Unreal.

But when you want to replace the destructibles pieces in Unreal with an FBX that come from Houdini , i end up with tons of materials .

In fact, i got a material for EACH pieces of the destruction. I have a feeling this will cause of alot of unecessary draw call?

I’ve tried importing my FBX back to 3dsmax to export as .pba and saddly 3dsmax crash as soon as i import a FBX created by Houdini.

Anyone had this problem or do you have any idea what could be done as a workaround?

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Move every piece to same group with insides. U can also try nodes for materials. There are unreal materials nodes. Or use asseble node and then foreach.

No offense Marcin, i understood nothing at all of what you said. Lolll :joy:

Could you please reexplain?

You can delete material slots from meshes, if I remember right…this might be a pain in the ass for hundreds of pieces however.

Ok. If U import simple fbx to houdini U can see how Houdini is setting slots for materials. After shattering every piece just add new group for whole shattered part. Only then export. That should do it.

If U wanna delete groups for already shattered mesh. Use asseble node. It will make unique atribute “name” for every piece. The use foreach node and for every value of name clean group and add the same 1 for every piece.

Inside is default name for new made inside polys - voronoi and break nodes sets it for inside polys.

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