Unreal 4 - CGMA FX For Games but then on the cheap!

Hey Guys,

I was eyeballing the CGMA course of FX for Games and found out through the Artstation of Fabio Silva that he also has something similar on a Chinese website: https://www.yiihuu.com/a_8089.html

With google translate and paypal I was able to buy the course of around 40 dollars or so.

Just started with the classes, but I can recommend it if your like me, and want to just get started with some of the basics! :sparkles:



what the different between environment effect and normal effect for artist ?

The only issue I’m having with this one is that you need to buy some assets from the Store to get the same result ( mostly environments), and some of them are a bit pricey

The Assets is not important :slight_smile:

how did you purchased it? it seems to demand chinese phone number…

@HUN0 The easiest way is to login with a facebook account, from there you can just purchase the course with paypal

cool thx:) are these courses english??

@HUN0 Yeah, the audio is in english with chinese subtitles

these courses seems very useful and CHEAP! is there any more sites like this?

I bought the CGMA course a few months ago … :sob: This course is way better and more complete.

you mean the CGMA course is better? is there a lot of difference in the content? the price definitely is…:sob:

The CGMA course is outdated and is overpriced

Thanks for pointing. I just bought this course. :drum:

Anyone able to provide any feedback on this course before I drop some money on it?