Unity VFX & Shader Graph - Black Hole Effect


Was experimenting with distortion and end up making a BLACK HOLE effect. I then also added a few particles made with VFX Graph. Enjoy




cool! remind me of interstellar’s

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Thank you! Yeah that’s such an awesome moment, makes me wanna watch the movie again :thinking:

As some people requested here’s the Black Hole FX with a different rotation.

At the time, the first one seemed okay, but something was off. Now I think this one came out better, makes more sense at least.

nice job on this black hole, really like like the Cubemap in the back too.
Did you paint/generate this yourself too?

Hey thanks! Well I have a bunch of galaxy texture laying around for a while and I’m not sure where did I get them. I only made a few adjustments so it would be seamless.

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