Unity VFX Graph - Advanced Tutorials Anywhere?

Hi everyone! I’m new in the forum. Pretty cool place, I’m already learning a lot.

I’d like to ask for some guidance here. I’m looking for some advanced VFX graph tutorials.

Thing is, I started working on a project and we want to move our currently “shuriken” particles into VFX Graph type of systems. And over the past few months I’ve been learning a lot about this new tool. But It’s getting very difficult to really control the FX passing the “Basic stuff” tutorials. I can’t find any advanced learning materials. And I’m not looking for free stuff, but not on Udemy or any other place to my knowledge I was able to find a more advanced documentation, courses or tutorials.

I’d like to know more about mathematical operators and how to use them, or how to work with the whole list of atributes that are listed in there. I want to take my work into the next level and at this point I can only advance by trial and error, and sometimes it gets super frustrating.

Thanks in advance!!


Hey @DiegoQuarantine!

AFAIK there is no specific tutorial for VFXGraph yet, except the few really basic ones. Most of the information about this tool can be found on the unity forum thread, and example projects by Unity. Also check out @keijiro on twitter and his github page. Also you can join to the official unity discord, to ask some questions in the “VFX” channel, the community there is pretty active there.





Thank you so much!!! stuff to read, yeah!!