Unity tutorial : Ink brush effect

Hi everyone! Im Ryan and happy to participate to the community. This is my first post and here is my first unity tutorial. Its about ink brush with unity particle and using custom data to control the motion.
The brush mesh made with 3d max.
The texture of ink smoke made with after effect.
And the shader by shader forge. Hope enjoy it!!
Of course, if you have any feedback or ideas, I`m willing to hear.

Here is final:

Here is tutorial:


Welcome, and thank you for this great contribution!

I still haven’t tried the particle custom data flows so this was a great watch for me.

Welcome - that was very inspiring for me to watch. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Very nice effect :open_mouth: thanks for the tutorial !

Custom data also bring me a lot of fun and possible. It is similar to dynamic parameter in ue4.

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Wow, I’m stunned :open_mouth: I didn’t even know what to use the Custom Data module for. I feel overwhelmed by all the new stuff I can learn from your tutorial :grin: Thank you so much for sharing these workflows with us!

Would you mind to tell us how you create your tileable flow noise textures? Do you generate them with a tool or software which already makes them tileable or do you edit them by hand (like in Photoshop using the offset filter)?

I personally think that some ink drops or splashes could even improve your effect. I once did a very simple brush stroke effect for a kanji learning mobile game (take a look here). Of course I get that one could decided against such splashes because they give the effect a different feeling - less serious and magical, more cheerful and action-packed.
However if a brush stroke is drawn as fast as yours, I think ink drops would fit, so I just wanted to mention it. Surely the ink drops I made would be way too bulky for your effect, but maybe some subtle drops would look fine :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to see more of your work and possibly more tutorials too :smiley:

Thanks for your comment. :grinning:

I create the tileable flow noise texture with photoshop or after effect. Using the effect/ fractal noise and then doing seamless by photoshop. Sometime I google the texture of sea wave texture and modify with photoshop by hand.
There is nothing special in it. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your work. It is a different feeling and vivid. It seems to me that is good style for learning game. I`m happy to get your nice reference.
By the way, in my work I try to do the feeling of ink blooming. So it is more serious and try my best to make it art style.

Actually, I`m busy and a little lazy to do tutorial. :laughing:
So I appreciated your kindness and suggestion. It bring me more passion for it. :grin:

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The tutorial is quite inspiring and also a good reference for doing such beautiful ink effects.
Thanks for sharing your technique with us ~