Unity stylized nuclear explosion

Created by unity3d,A stylized nuclear explosion which is turly awesome,Is there have any question or advice,Please let me know.(^-^


Very cool! Is this your work?

Wow, that’s incredible. Great work! Could provide some context; is it used in a game, just a test/for fun?

Is this the effect in its entirety or does it continue - if so does it eventually dissipate? So many questions from me :grinning:

no,it isjust for fun

just using uv animation and vertex offset animation,i think that it could be used in games.

im sure it can :slight_smile:

phenomenal work ! ! !

Looks great, good job!

My only suggestions would be the scroll speed on the center pillar seems a bit fast compared to the speed of the rest. Might also help to slowly decelerate the scroll speed as the effect progresses.:+1:


add my QQ, 454109, :slight_smile:

thanks a lot,this is very useful for me.

So beautiful!! i watched it 4 times :smiley: Can you post a breakdown of assets and textures?

Yeah. The method is really simple,i have shared all of the details in other place,You can contact me by E-mail or QQ.I will send it to you as soon as possible.

Wow, this looks amazing! Great work!

Nice work!! Good motion!!
Actually, Ive done the similar nuke explosion last year. It is different kind of stylized . But I didnt use vertex offset, only uv offset. It work in VR by Unity.



That is so cute,:smiley:



Thank you! Friend. Yours is better than me. Nice work!

:slightly_smiling_face:This is my teacher’s showreel



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