Unity Question - Spinning a particle faster than 360?

Hey all, I’m working in Unity, and I’m trying to spin a mesh particle. I’ve tried Rotation over Lifetime with a curve, but it only allows me to spin it (Y axis) a max of 360 degrees over its life. Is there a way to speed this up at all? I want it to go almost twice as fast and then slow down to a stop, but I can’t make its rotation go any faster :frowning: Anyone have experience or insight into this? I just jumped into Unity a few days ago, so I’m probably glossing over a check box or option somewhere in some section. I just want Rotation Rate :’(

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can you post screen shot of the particle system ? it will provide better description of your problem :slight_smile:

EDIT: from what I understand so far you can separate Axis by checking the “check-box”

and if I’m not wrong you should be able to set the amount of maximum constant in the curve it self: (I set 500)


Yep, just type in any value, it is possible to put values higher than 360 there.


Thanks @TobiasTobasco and @Ohadgfx! I didn’t know you could just type in a new max for the curve editor; that’s not too intuitive. I really appreciate the help, and hopefully this can help someone else in the future as well.


Glad it helped you! :upside_down:

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