Unity Particle weather system

Does anyone know of a assets store system or a method to make unity particles system wrap within a volume? I.e. a localised weather system?

the idea is the particle system is attached to the camera, and spawn particles in world space. as the camera moves through the world, particles that go beyond the cameras view, are re-positioned at a position in front of the camera. so the system maintains a constant particle count, but the illusion of lots of particles is created…

I could have a go at making the script but to save time, wonder’d if there was anything else out there that people knew of?

Wanted to create something like that in the near future. But if you find a suitable solution, please share =)

I don’t know about any Asset Store packages, but to do it in Unity, you could try this:

  • set up a world space system parented to the camera
  • create a Collision shape, also parented to the camera, which is your “valid volume”
  • use the Trigger Module in the particle system, which can call a script function with a list of particles that are outside of that volume. Then you can implement some wrapping logic on those particles.

It’s going to be doing a fair bit of computation in script, so I’m not sure how efficient it would be, but it’s the best suggestion I have :slight_smile: