Unity - Particle asset

Hi there!
I’m creating a new particle asset.:grinning:
I have created using Houdini and ShaderForge.

List of particles is here.
FT Infinity


Looking good, very flashy! The only thing that really caught my eye though was the rainbow-ish core of the sphere effect at 0:17. The outer edge of the particle is just a bit too hard, and it’s easy to see its shape. Just looks kind of “stamped”. Everything else looked great though!

cool work! This is personal work or are these going to be for the asset store? Mobile friendly ?

Thanks comment Travis.

It means outside sphere edge or core rainbow edge?

I will publish in the Asset Store.
Mobile version not made yet, but I make a prefab of both mobile and PC.:slight_smile:

The core rainbow edge. The sphere looks great

Maybe it’s mask texture seems.
I changed mask texture, fix it!


Looks much better! Nice work overall on your effects too

Im your new biggest fan! would you share technics or tutorial on Houdini - Unity integration/work-flow? (I’m an Houdini user)
Thanks for sharing !

I’m using simple workflow, Houdini geometry data export FBX files to Unity.
I made a small tool for effect work.
Slash Creator Tool:slight_smile:


brilliant !:sunglasses:

Outstanding work! I really liked the slash solution… let us know when this is available in asset store! =]

Thanks! I plan to release the asset at the end of October :grinning:

Really love the movement to those pulses! Im guessing its just a shockwave shaped mask with a scrolling texture going outwards? Iv never tried that before for some reason… Wicked work!

I like these! You did a great job with those slash meshes especially. Can’t wait to see more.

It’s my new work.


I’m upload making shockwave video.
Yes, it’s scrolling tex + distortion tex + clip mask tex.
I’m made original shader by shaderforge.

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i love your work man! any chance you got social media feed (except tumbler) that i can follow ?

My twitter is @frontakk
Please follow! :grin:
But I have tweeted in Japanese…

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Tornado WIP :smiley: