[Unity] Magic Card Tricks WIP

Here`s little personal project im working on right now. Looking for advice to make this project better.
Last version [WIP]:

Inspired by animated Riot logo on the start of Legends of Runeterra videos.

Here ìm trying to experiment with some mesh ribbons and UV Scrolling

Quite a lot of meshes.

Last version with defined timings and little in and out effects.

Also b&w version that looks more like original animation.

Gonna try to make transition between stages smoother and draw another texture for cards.

Looking for feedback.


Tried to do vatriety of cards with texture sheet animation

And it looks bad. Tip for future: There should be no rotation on textures if it will be rotated in 3d. That instantly looks flat and unconvincing. GFnEy6E4GK

Yep. Much better

Added central flare and some orbital particles + some polishing on trajectories