Unity and After effects for Mobile Game

Hey everyone,

It’s my first post here ! I’m a french student in video game since 2 years now. I present you a portal made with Unity particle system, after effects (and 1 mesh with 3ds max). This vfx was made for a mobile student project.
here is my arstation with the mobile project, i made all the simple particle of the game : quentin-gendre.arstation.com

Hope you like it : it’s my first vfx.

It’s 1 mesh of a rock made with 3ds max.
6 Particles effect and a sprite sheet work together :




Here’s little bit of feedback:

The spiral of your portal is interesting, but in my opinion it could do with a bit more definition. Currently it is rather hard to read.
I’ve done a quick little overdraw to show you what I mean

I’m not that good at drawing so please excuse the lack of quality :smiley:

Defining interesting shapes can really go a long way to increase the readibility of your effect.

I really like the smaller floating stones rotating over a different axis, it helps give depth to the effect where there otherwise wouldn’t be any. The pop in and out is quite noticeable however, which you generaly don’t want. Try animateing the scale of the rocks at the beginning and end of their lifetime. that should help :smiley:

Good luck! :smiley:


Wow, amazing draw ! that’s awesome, it was the first time that i touched VFX, thanks for your advices, i take it, really :slight_smile:
I couldn’t use shader on the portal, so i tried to make something cool with after effect !
Thank you !!

i didn’t like green color, green portal? green just doesn’t combine with portal. Maybe some purple, some dark blue, maybe some orange. Also you could add a border.

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Oh, interesting, i did this for a mobile game, in this mobil game he is purple, i just wanted to put an other color that i like :slight_smile:

Quan Chi doesn’t agree with you :smiley:

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Green portals:



It still doesn’t combine.

why doesn’t it combine?

The colour of your portal really doesn’t have to combine with the concept of a portal. The hue that you choose will probably mostly depend on what it has to fit in with.

For example, if negative objects in your world tend to be purple, and your portal spawns zombies that will attack you, you might want to make it purple as well to signify that it is indeed bad!
In a post-apocaliptic world in which the bad things tend to be greenish-yellow however, it might be better to make it allign more with that.

I also believe it isn’t very useful to critique a piece based on something outside of that piece, so since we have no context here, I don’t see a problem with this colour.


Who the hell says there’s a rule that says a portal isn’t green ? You might as well give a constructive argument but you aren’t. Because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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