Unity air slash/cut VFX

Hello guys. Im preety new to VFX and trying to make prototype for my game. I really like some specific effect from animes where sword cuts the air with this kind of effect.
Slashes v2
The second part of the animation in v2 where multiple slashes come in.

Here are the examples od the effect I would like to create but I have No idea how to start with this in unity. Would i use particles? Trails? Own textures? Shaders? There is so much things that I cant get my head around.

Would someone be able to help me with this ? How Should i wrap it up?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there Stychu!

As someone who’s just now starting to get their head around how VFX works I recommend starting with particle systems. I can tell you that Unity’s particle system is fairly straight forward and easy to use, and there are tons and tons of particle system tutorials on youtube that will get you started. Once you get familiar with the engine it’s really up to you what you decide to do next. I personally decided to delve into shaders and figure out what specific things I needed depending on what the effect called for. My biggest word of advice would be figuring out keywords and digging to see what you can find. This website is honestly the best place I’ve found for information and I highly recommend you go to Recourses and Knowledge once you understand particle systems.

So nothing fancy, as Im crap as hell with fvs/textures etc. but anyway how I can smooth the edges of this particle effect. I can clearly see the quad mesh its rendered on (right and left side)Unity_RCMD3EF8mA

Hard to really tell what’s going on in this image. My first thought would be to make sure that the texture image itself isn’t cut off before applying it to a material.