Unintended but suprisingly awesome Shader glitches

While writing Shaders i sometimes get completely unintended but in a way pretty interesting visual appearances.
Almost every time i think that i could not achieve these results if i had to do them on purpose. So i’m starting to think that i should maybe save these “broken” code snippets as reference for when the time comes and i need something like this.

Here is a recent example:

This is just the UV panning on the U axis with a floor(time*variable).

Do you guys have any cool “happy little accidents” that you can share or did you maybe end up actually using one of these glitches?


trying to get mesh particles oriented with velocity in unity 5.6, got some orbiting cube meshes instead :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: regarding your accident, I could imagine some chromatic shift would do nice on top! reminds me of teleglitch anomalies anyways


not shader glitches but slightly related: funny moving UVs :smiley:


Joining in to showcase more weird UV tricks that I am waiting to use somehow


:grinning: i wasn’t dreaming! UV’s are indeed alive!

Something pretty recent from work.
I wanted to sample a flow map texture and accidentally used it as UVs to read the same texture again. Looks sketchy and fun :smile:


Maybe not exactly a shader glitch…

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