Unfolding FX in Unity3D

Hi everybody… I made a fast test for a work where I need an unfolding FX… What do you think about it? Of course should be improved (I would like to use shaders with no backface culling for giving a better effect also)


Good job . Nice try
I have some suggestions. I think buildings are hard . There`s too much bending. I need to feel more solid parts.
I hope it will help you

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Looks really good, did you set this up in a 3D package and then exported it as an alembic file?

What you could improve on is the camera work, now it’s really jerky and has some weird curves (accelerations) in it. I would go for a more on rails approach or just rotating the object in a more consistent speed with fewer key frames.

Great work though! love to see it progress a bit more :slight_smile: