UE5 - Houdini Feedback


I’ve been practicing and researching the world of real-time effects for a few months now and wanted to get some feedback. These works are tests, some very much in beta. As you can see the render is not good either because it causes some artifacts that should not be there, but my doubts are mainly in the final color finish and the effect that the lighting has on the effect. Besides the times and if it makes sense this kind of projects or it is better to go to something more “playable”.

Thanks in advance and have a good day/evening/night.

Nice work. There is a lot of cool stuff in there. If I had to give one overall suggestion it would be to practice and refine your timing. Maybe look into the 12 principles of animation, and you could also study the timing in VFX you like and want to emulate.

Thanks a lot, James. Yes, the timing I have to improve it as much as I can and there are many things to improve and add in in a few. I also wanted to know if the color theme looks good, I see a lot of rt vfx on youtube and I see it with a lot of contrast and well done but I think it is with the post process. Once again thank you very much for taking your time to look at my work. Best regards

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