UE4 VFX - Rinban Korean VFX Class video

This is part of my website tutorial on creating a Korean UE4 VFX.(The total course time is over 100 hours.)



I don’t write English well.
created with reference to ← This is written by Google Translator.
In Korean, this is “모작”.
It is difficult to know exactly which word to choose.
(If anyone knows, please let me know.)

Sirhaian’Arts - [VFX Folio] Dark Cosmic Jhin


Rinban is a Good Vfx Artist:+1:

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Looks so cool! @Sirhaian

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I like the way it looks when you rotate the camera. This is really a different dimension!

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Oh my GOD

This is SO GOOD! AAAH!

I absolutely love the parallax you have there, adds so much volume to it! That space background too is just GNNNN SO GOOD! Yes sorry my vocabulary is reaching its limit, I don’t have words for how much I love this! :smiley:

I also really like the initial constellation shapes you have when the ult is first cast, adds a lot of complexity and detail to it without being overbearing, love it!


This is awesome I like this VFX

Want to learn your tutorial, do you have any links? Want to understand the implementation logic of the parallax material. Thank you very much

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