UE4 tutorials for VFX?

Post em if you got em!

Not sure what you meant by this like my own tutorials or you meant for learning resources.

But I’m learning VFX right now and I’m using Bill Kladis’s (imbueFX)'s videos to do so. He’s got a youtube channel where he uploaded these videos for free:

https://www.youtube.com/user/imbuefx/videos .

He also has 3D motive videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced but they’re paid.


Also if you don’t mind me asking, why UDK and not UE4? Since they’re essentially the same in terms of the Cascade editor?


My bad I meant UE4! Will fix :slight_smile: Either work, but I’m really looking for tutorials.

Awesome. Besides imbueFX you should also check out @Luos_83 's youtube. He does breakdowns of a bunch of particle FX and has a couple tutorials too which are UE4 specific. :smiley:

https://www.youtube.com/user/vladderbeest/playlists .

Thats about as far as I’ve gotten in terms of my UE4 learning progress. Hope it helps you out too. Hopefully more people post tutorials that I can learn from as well.



There is also cool tutorial on Eat 3D for UE4 and also UDK here:


I find them to be relatively more advanced tutorials. There is also paid tutorials for advanced material knowledge which I think are great.

^^ Have a nice day!

hey, thanks for mentioning my list :slight_smile:


unreal engine vfx tutorials

you can go to my youtube channel CGHOW