UE4 Tutorials by tharlevfx

This thread is a collection of Youtube tutorial videos I’ve been working on - if you have any suggestions for topics let me know!

Breaking Up Tiling Materials in UE4

any feedback or comments or questions for future videos would be welcome!


Object Space Gradients in UE4

another little material math tutorial - this time how to create a procedural gradient in object space!


I love these kinds of tips and tricks! Super useful techniques to help build out a basic toolset.

Using a rotator is far more expensive than appending coords in different orders. Since everything is at right angles, you can easily get away with a lot of -1 scaling and y,x appends. I wonder exactly how much more speedier it is…but i have it on good authority it would be important. :slight_smile:

oh nice - yeah good thinking!

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I think you’ll dig this page. Note that there are different tabs at the top there.
I once made a randomized dungeon tile set in 3d. So fun.

Very cool - I love some tileset procedural generation!

Refraction and Distortion with Scene Colour in UE4

Another video talking about Refraction and creating our own distortion shader using Scene Colour and Screen Position.

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this is a very usefull and reliable technique!
Always good to understand the shader math of during mask creation.

I think Unreal 4.18+ now has a function for this called: BoundingBoxBased_0-1_UVW simplifies the network a bit.

aha! i thought there must be a function for this but i couldn’t find anything when i searched. Always helps to know the right names for things :slight_smile:

Yeah I made it into a function, until i accidentally pressed W in searching for a node and found it :smiley:

Answered another question from a viewer this week about how to scale a SphereMask to make an oval shape:

Non Uniform Scaled Spheremask in UE4

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Creating a Looping Flipbook in After Effects

Something a little different this week - creating a looping flipbook from a simulation in After Effects. I know there’s cache blending techniques that work for this sort of thing as well but always good to know the basics too!


A quick tutorial on how to use Gradient Mapping in Unreal 4

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Flowmaps - what are they, how they work and how we can use Vertex Painting to create them in Engine.


Latest Tutorial - how to blend solid objects together using Pixel Depth, Dither Fade and Mesh Distance Fields!

Triggering Particles and Blueprint Events using Event Generators in Cascade.


Messy outliner? No longer! Bulk Rename actors with this handy Blutility! Thanks to AlexU on the RTVFX Discord for the technique.

two new videos! Object Bounds and Dot Product:


New video - Shader Math 101


More Maths!