UE4 - Textures being blown out for no reason

I’ve been running into a strange problem where some textures I’ve been importing become blown out when I bring them into a material.

These are what the textures look like in the texture viewer, which is how they ought to be looking:

But in the material editor, the one on the left gets completely blown out:

The only difference I can tell is that the one on the left defaults to Linear Color sampling, rather than Color sampling like the one on the right. If I try to switch it to Color sampling then it throws me an error.

I wasn’t really having this issue earlier, but I was experimenting with different compression settings for the textures. I tried saving the left flare using HDRCompressed compression, and ever since then it’s been getting blown out, even after I switch it back to default compression. Anybody have any idea why this would be happening?

Here’s another image ingame for better comparison:

Ah wait, I think I figured it out, somehow sRGB had gotten unchecked. I checked that again and the texture looks correct.


I will leave this here for anyone having the same problem in any software and having a hard time figuring it out.

Basicaly images are saved differently then we display them. This has to do with how our eyes percieve light information.

Now there is different ways in which we apply gamma correction, but mostly if you have on of these things the reason is that the software either missasumes the use or non use of gamma correction. Or mistakenly corrects something which shouldn’t be corrected.