UE4 Sword trail Material/Shader Help!

Hi guys, I am trying to replicate DMC 5 sword trail, as shown in given image. They have some kind of refraction masked with some texture.
I am unable to replicate it, I have attached my version of sword trail vs Dmc. Also i have attached my material graph.

I need help on figure out how to approach this material in UE4.

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Your material is still missing a few things. I would suggest adding a dynamic parameter and animate it over time, with a mask texture so parts of the mesh are refractive, not the entire thing like in your case.

To add a glow, simply add a texture to your emissive and opacity input and give it a low-value opacity and multiply the emissive input with a blue colour.

This tutorial should point you in the right direction!

I still struggle with Normals + refraction occasionally so don’t worry too much about it!
Good luck!

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time stamp is set 20:00 Minutes, in-case it doesn’t work.

Thanks @callandekeijzer!

Was able to achieve similar fx by using this. Adding the result here, if it might help others!


So cool!
Thank you for sharing

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