UE4 Niagara Timeline and Handler Question

Hey everyone. I’m new to Niagara but not new to effects. I have a few questions on the timeline and the Event Handler that doesn’t seem to be working correctly for me.

First, I have two Emitters inside my system. The first one has a “Generate Location Event” and spawns one particle. The other Emitter has a “Event Handler” with the source set to the first Emitter. But when the second Emitter’s particles spawn, they do not link off the world space of the first spawned particle. What am I doing wrong or missing?

As for the timeline. My Emitters only appear to display the “Spawn Burst Instantaneous - Spawn Count” and it doesn’t list the other modifiers so I can keyframe them. How do I expose other modifiers to the Timeline keyframe list?

(Can’t post timeline image question due to one post per new user, sorry)

I’m not at a PC, but there’s another module I think called “Receive Location Event” that’ll get and set the location data.

Did you set your location event emitter to require persistent Id’s?

imbueFX, thank you for that. That definitely sent the particles to the Emitter 1 location. But I have a new problem. I should have mentioned that Emitter 2 also spawns its particles based off a mesh shape. Now that the particles move to Emitter 1 location, it loses the mesh shape and all collape to Emitter 1 location…

Is it possible to keep the mesh shape while the location is from Emitter 1?

There’s a few ways I can think of solving this, probably the easiest would be having emitter 1 spawn from the mesh shape, then send the event over. The other would be not writing the position data sent over, but instead storing it and using something like a DI to add the received position data to the location of your mesh space in the spawn script.

(I’m spit-balling these ideas in my head and haven’t actually tried it, so if you get stuck I can try to prototype something for you)

Hey ImbueFX,

Thanks for getting back to me. I actually found a workaround so the mesh that is moving, makes its final resting place where it started. This allowed the Emitter 2 to not requiring storing the location of the moving Emitter 1 particle. Thanks for getting back with a possible solution!

Hey what does the abbreviation DI stand for?

Probably Data Interface