[UE4] niagara bone axis Module problem

When attaching the Niagara effect to the foot bone

I want to make a module that only gets specific emitter rotation information of the root bone, not the foot
bone. Unfortunately, I am a beginner in Unreal. can someone help me?

My suggestion would be to attach to the root, but pass in a foot bone offset from BP using User Parameters.

As follows:

  • Add a vector user parameter to the list (by pressing the + button) and give it a name (FootBoneOffset)
  • In BP, when the effect gets created, SpawnSystemAttached, select the root as the attach point, set the SkeletalMeshComponent of the character you want to attach to in the attach component.
  • Then on Tick (or timeline etc) Get the foot bone, and the root bone location and subtract them (In worldSpace) and use SetNiagaraParameter(vector) with the given user parameter name, and the difference between those bones.
  • Lastly, in your emitter, use SetNewOrExistingParameter module to set new vector OffsetPosition = Position+FootBoneOffset and set the Position binding to Position.

Hopefully that helps.

Thanks for the answer!

im beginer working with unreal, so I’m not sure I understand exactly what you said.

Is it impossible to do the above work without using BP and only with the Niagara module or Script?

You might be able to select the specific bone using a skeletal mesh location module, but you call that using an index, not name, so it might be rather difficult.

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Thank you bro i will try it.

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