UE4 Mesh in game wrong rotation

Hey guys, i’ve made a bullet effect for my group project at uni, it works fine but when I migrated it over and we used it in game we realised that the bullet doesn’t actually shoot properly. let me show you below.

Whilst I have been making the bullet it has faced this way.


When we shoot it in game / if I change the direction of the particle in engine it still faces that way which is wrong as it needs to stay straight whilst shooting.


Below is my cascade editor, I don’t have any type of locked axis or rotation or anything so need some help please!

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In required set “Use Local space” to true.


simple as that eh! thank you!

although this has caused me some new issues… within my cascade I created an impact which used to go off on the spot where the mesh collided with, now it seems to be going off really far away from the particle.

This is how the cascade looks. Rather than the impact hitting the wall it now hits over here…

The red arrow is where the bullet hits and used to cause the impact, the circle is where the impact effect is now playing! Any ideas? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t use the death event, use the collision event :smiley:

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you are a star! thankyou so much! :smiley: