UE4 Electricity like the one by Eric Huang

So I found this video:

And I was wondering how can I achieve the same effect?
I know the video title says Niagra Distance Test, but I’m actually interested in the electricity effect it self.

I tried using a beam with the curl noise, but if it is achievable that way I can’t seem to play with the variables to get an electricity beam look, like the one in the video.

Any ideas?

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From what i see, i can guess that a lightning texture was applied to the beam to make the lightning smoother (and also to alpha-erode it)

From looking at it, The noise seems to be baked on the texture, With BP it would be a straight beam with target being controlled by a distance trace.

So make a BP, Put your emitter in it, Expose the target parameter and write the target location by firing random 360 or w/e distance traces.

You can also have the noise inside the beam itself instead of the texture, Its much more random

The one in my art station is both noise in texture and noise in a beam but not in niagra or w/e. It was purely cascade.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you got any questions.

PS it takes quite a bit of fiddling with all the parameters to get a beam to work nicely for electricity.