UE4 - Dynamic parameter default values not working?

I set up a particle material in UE4, and I’ve got a few dynamic parameters controlling it, however it looks like the default values I set for the parameters aren’t being referenced when I see the material in-engine, instead it’s overriding them back to 1. The odd part is that it only applies to the material when it’s being used on particles. If I create a mesh and apply the material, it properly references the default values.

I can still add a Dynamic node to my emitters to edit the values manually, but it’s work the material should already be doing for me.

I saw someone else having the same issue on the Answerhub, but they didn’t get any useful responses. Has anyone else run into this issue, and is there a way to fix it?

Yep. This looks like a bug. Default Dynamic Parameter values are not getting passed through to the material.
But if you’re not using the Dynamic Parameters module in your particle system then why aren’t you using a regular material constant or parameter?