[Ue4] Camera distance to actor measuring tool

Hey fellow LOD-creating vfx peeps!

Alessa (CodeKittah) made a nice tool that shows the distance between a selected actor and the viewport camera! A handy tool to see how far you away from an actor when testing its LOD’s!

Sometimes it can be a rather fiddling thing to move the camera in-and out of a certain LOD distance, especially with UE4 and LOD’s created in Cascade.
Luckily with this tool you can see exactly how far away you are from a selected actor, making it much easier to move in-and-out of a certain LOD’s activated distance.

Small video:

Grab it here:

And in case you have twitter, follow her :slight_smile: : https://twitter.com/codekittah


That is so much less janky than the one I made- thanks for sharing!

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Soon there will be “play mode” support, which will make it even better :slight_smile: