UE4 Bullet Explode!

Hi Guy!
I made two bullet exploding by ue4,hope you like them, and also looking forward to receiving suggestions and better ideas from you.


Cartoon Explod





I just wanted to say i really love both effects, really tight and clean.

Great job! :slight_smile:

awesome! went straight into my ref-collection :slight_smile: i love the stylized explosion. very well done!

Looks cool! Wondering how did you make the smokes somehow looks opaque? What shading model do you use? :slight_smile:

It‘s “Masked”.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow this is so cool, is your smoke made with a 3d mesh or is it only texture on billboard ? :slight_smile:

Really beautiful. Love the Blackhole FX :open_mouth:

yes,it’s made with a 3d mesh.

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Love it… Bookmarked!

Love it. Is the smoke trail from firing the bullet also a bunch of 3D meshes?

Yes. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it since it wasn’t the most important point. so, there are still a lot of flaws.

Alright sorry for more questions but when I do this kind of effect I make an explosion volume then convert pyro to mesh, use two meshes, one for the smoke and one for the flame. Are you also using two meshes or can you do it with one? And are you using some sort of dissolve on the mesh? Sorry to bug you I’m just stoked with your results and I wanna know if there are better ways of pulling this look off.

Superb! looks amazing with extraordinary impacts!