UE 4.24 Niagara Ribbon Tiling

I have to work in 4.24 and if nothing else helps I need to find a way around

Just quickly chipping in with a few ideas.

Did you check which uvset does what? In cascade the second uv set used to be the distance based version, but I think they might have changed it to be an option in niagara.

As Wyvery said, UVset 1 is what you need, but reading this from a few months ago, so I think it was not ready for 4.24 -

I’m pretty sure that ribbon UV feature is not implemented in Niagara. However, I was able to get the same result a different way. At the emitter or System level, you’ll need to calculate the total distance traveled since the emitter’s birth. Then, you can pass that in as a Dynamic Particle Parameter to the material. Then, in your material, you’ll have to create your own coordinates to use for the textures. Basically, use the texCoord node to get the U, and use your custom distance traveled as the V. You can add a multiplier to the V to scale tiling, or add to it to pan it.

That way, you can lay down “train track” type ribbons where the particles each have constant UVs.

You could also try UV scrolling negatively in X


Did epic games mention this somewhere, that it is not implemented yet? Is there some kind of a document where missing features are written down or do we need to figure them out ourselfes?

I think I will try to work around or with this now. I mean when the ribbon reaches its destination, everything works just fine.

Niagara was only officially released about a week ago, a lot of the documentation is still lacking.

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So I could not really solve my problem and the best I could do was to move the texture with a panner node in negativ X direction.
And here is the result of it. The effect is not finished yet.

And thank you all for your help ! :slight_smile:



I’m wondering if you could find a better solution for the problem? This issue is really nasty and I’m really not sure if we understand niagara wrong or if it’s a limitation in it’s current state. Texture mapping on ribbons behaves totally different in niagara: