Tymus : Sketch #24

Final iteration

I tweaked the timing a bit and added some more sparks at the end, didn’t have time to put it in Unity to add some camera shake and post process but that will be for the next sketch, can’t wait to make another one !


some of the other submission are really impressive with this month’s theme, congrats all!

Hello, this is my first sketch after lurking on the forum for a while,
a little late but I hope I’ll have time to finish it before sunday


I mostly worked on the timing, I still need to connect every part with sparks and trails, work on the colors and add juice!

if you have any feedback I’ll take it :>


Love this little secondary motion as the blocks move. Did you animate each individually ? I mean, it probably took some time))

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Thank you! all the movement is controlled using curves, polar to cartesian coordinates and sampling the Index of the particles to form a circle

Update 01 : I added color variations during the shaking part and some sparks, next I’ll work more on the aftermath, not really satisfied about it right now



Update 02 : tweaked the overall timing and the hue variation a bit

I’m also playing with the number of particles


I’ll try to finish it this week end :slight_smile: