Tutorial: Curvemesh

I like your video and learn a lot from it,but before ,I look your video from sidefx,I’m try to use them on Unity3D.Look forward to more of your sharing.

Awesome Tutorial! I just around to doing this one specifically. I only got as far as Putting it into Unreal because I only have the apprentice license…for now ;). Really cool nonetheless!

If you want to keep going, grab Houdini Engine Indie for free and download my files from here CurveSweeper // Intro to Houdini Engine // Houdini for Games | SideFX

Then you can keep going with the Unreal side of things :slight_smile:

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I thought I downloaded the Houdini Engine Indie version. O.O I thought the problem was with my non commercial license for Houdini itself, but I’ll have to double check then.

If you have Houdini Engine Indie, you are all set. You just can’t use your asset for the reason you mentioned. If you download mine, it’ll work.

OH . Sorry for the confusion on that XD. THis is all new to me. I’ll think ahead next time haha.

No problem! You’ve got this! :slight_smile:

Is there a diference between inverting the group with group combine and just selecting the ‘Invert Range’ Check box in the group by range node?

Nah, that node just didn’t exist then.