Trying to spawn mesh particles in a torus shape

probably simple again, but I’ve been trying stuff for 30 minutes and I can’t get the same results I’m seeing in the tutorial I’m watching… I want to spawn 8 particle meshes in a torus shape, and the tutorials shows using “output, torus location, torusTangent” for the orientation vector… in my version of the program I don’t seem to have that option… the closest thing I find is the “stackContext,shape location, shape vector”…

here’s a screenshot of my setup vs the tutorial screen

Hi, before you can have this Output.TorusLocation.TorusTangent variable, you need to have a Torus Location module :wink: That’s how you get those meshes to spawn in a torus shape. Then you can go to your Initial Mesh Orientation module and you will find back this variable you are looking for.
Just as quick note, the Initial Mesh Orientation does NOT spawn your particle in a torus location, it is only orienting those meshes in the right direction with the data given by the Torus Location module :wink:

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Thank you for your response! I think I have a Torus Location module (it’s called Shape Location Torus) - unless there is something else that I’m missing… here’s how my emitter looks -

Hum… I’d need to open the engine to check it for sure. I don’t know from wich version of Unreal your tutorial was made. I know a few things change recently, like this shape location that now handle all diferent shapes in one module. It may be the newer module outputs that changed and are not available in the same way than before. Maybe you could find back the old torus location module that was used for your tutorial and use this one instead (just have to search for it in Niagara plugin folders if it doesn’t show up as an option in your emitter)

I think for now I will try using the old version of unreal so it matches the tutorial better - thanks again for your responses!

I figured out how to get it to work - I needed to turn off the rotation mode in the shape location -

and I setup the mesh orientation like this -

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