Try to convert my set up from VFX Graph to Niagara

Hello there, I got struggle to convert my set up from VFXGraph to Niagara. In my set up at Unity, all my expose parameters inject to Render Block but this is not similar in Niagara which just has Update and Initial Particle.
Example when I want to change pos.y in middle curve over lifetime, the particle pos.y = current pos.y + addition float.
This pic show my setup in VFXGraph

But I set same set up to Niaraga the particles pos.y update over lifetime
Someone please send me some advices
thank you

Once you’ve wrapped your head around the way Niagara works, this is actually quite straight forward.
Here is a quick example:
-use ‘Set new or existing parameter directly’ and set a Postion parameter (which I called PositionOffset) in your update. By setting it, it will automatically be created and can be used everywhere
-Do the same as you did in VFX graph; adding your curve offset on top of the ‘actual’ Position over the NormalizedAge of the particle

-In your renderer, instead of using Position, use your custom Position parameter

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Now I know Binding like Render Block in Unity. thank you so much

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