Tristan Reimus: Embergen Challenge


Will update this front post with GIFs of my latest work

Excited to join in a challenge again, going to be a good one! Can’t wait until the topic is revealed


The topic is great! Immediately had to think of this amazing video you might have seen on reddit (subscribe to r/schockwaveporn :slight_smile:)

I’m going to spend my session today trying to recreate the timing of the shockwave and the scale of the scene. Not sure yet if I want to go more stylized or fantastical with it later, could be cool!

Here’s the scene that I put together, the ground is using quixel textures and doing lighting with the new UE4 sky atmosphere.

For the explosion in the background I started with the ‘mini-nuke’ preset and used the fuel loss and flame extiction params to keep the flames alive a bit longer, also added some wind and changed the post to blur becauce its far away anyways so all detail of the sharpen is lost.

You’ll see the explosion anim reach its end because the flipbook+motionvectors mat function doesn’t support different frame counts per axis so I had to drop half of em, I’ll fix that :slight_smile:


The shockwave was a quick job but planning to use some smooth embergen generated textures and added smoke particles. Also thinking about adding secondary explosions after the initial blast, could be closer by so they blow out the camera.


That’s an epic explosion. Good work.

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Working on the secondary shockwave now, added some debris and simple a simple smoke texture.


Going to have another session tonight, might get too late to post again but we’ll see. Tempted to go a bit crazy with it and add some cracking earth and maybe even fire colomns shooting out of the ground?


Boy its hard to do some work in this hot weather! More explosions!

Made a missile mesh in blender, messed around with height fields and foliage for some extra background detail and added a bunch of new explosions before the main kaboom.

Experimenting with some camera angles to make the scene feel more dynamic, planning on having the big explosion come from one that whizzes by the camera. Working on a spline system to make them come in with curly paths instead of them just dropping from the air.


Still reusing a lot of textures, I’ll probably wait with polishing those until my full scene is complete when I know exactly what I want from them. I am cooking up some sweet embergen sims on the side already tho!


Just wanted to post a quick update. I took on a freelance job and combined with my dayjob I have no free time anymore to work on this! A bit sad but also excited about my own oppurtunities :slight_smile:

However I’m gonna post one more time before the end of the month! Going to finish what I have now and juice what I can

Here’s a quick reminder that this Challenge closes this evening! Don’t forget to submit your final video to JangaFX using this Form if you’ve yet!

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