Travis Henderson: TGT Competition WIP

I keep telling myself I’m going to do the monthly challenges, but this time I’m actually going to post this and use it to hold myself accountable and actually participate. Sketches and ideas to come soon!

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I really like these examples from Castlevania and inFamous, so I think I’m going to do something along these lines


Wow that was really awesome, great ref!
Looking forward to what you create :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks for posting my breakdown here. I’m glad it’s good ref :slight_smile:


I’ve watched it probably twenty times haha. I really like effects that use those kinds of trails and meshes to “transport” matter in games, great work! I love watching your demo reel too


One more ref video of the type of effect I’m working on (rollercoaster geo + material)
Edit: for whatever reason it won’t embed at a specific time on the vid, so effect is at (2:48)

Also, one of my favorite boss fights of any video game


Omg the first time, I faced this boss I was just in sheer awe of his second stage…such a good fight, also loved the soundtrack.