Travis H: Sketchbook

Just figured I’d make a thread for personal work, as I’m slowly finding old stuff that people might find interesting but isn’t really demo reel worthy.

First post:

From Other Suns

Remnant: From the Ashes

Darksiders 3

Darksiders: Genesis (caution, has music. Check your headphones)


Personal project making a dungeon crawler style loot chest. Gotta kill all the baddies around before the poisonous AoE will clear.

What’s in the booox???


I love it man, maybe you can put a little offset on the light aura’s that appear out of the cracks. To break the lineair movement maybe?

But apart from that I really dig it man! well done :slight_smile:

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Ooo that’s a good idea, thanks for the feedback. Maybe some parallax on them too might help

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Maybe also a nice scrolling texture over it the convey the feeling of magic flowing through it :slight_smile:

Found another oldy. This was my first demo reel I started applying places with. Back in 2015
Screenshot for thumbnail


I’m curious at what kind of studios you applied to back in 2015 :slight_smile: Was it alot of studios or was the first one immediately the right one?

There were almost no openings back then, least of all for Jr positions. I applied for the Heroes of the Storm team (shot myself in the foot on the art test), and a few others, but the number was very small. I didn’t attempt to apply for mid level positions. I did end up in an interview for one that I didn’t realize was mid level, and not only embarrassed myself, but I think I made the friend who got me in the door look bad :’( and I feel bad about that.

Only way I found my first job was a random retweet on twitter for the opening at Gunfire Games for a junior fx artist. That’s why I retweet and post openings as often as I find them, because a random retweet or post in facebook group or the discord channel could mean a job for someone they might not have heard about otherwise.


Awesome to see how it turned out for you, and yea sharing job posts etc is very nice and helps out the community alot!

At the end of Nov i’ll be searching for a new job too so hope I get an amazing spot somewhere :slight_smile:

Quick tree for the holidays :slight_smile: hope everyone is staying safe. Here’s to a better year next year!



Happy sparkly hollidays to you!

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Another failed art test. Image for thumbnail purposes