Transforming World Space to Pre-Skinned Local Space

Hi everyone, for a disintegration effect I want the a spheremask to appear on impact location.

However, I have almost no knowledge on transformations in blueprint or shader.

I used Tom Looman’s: ‘Rendering Wounds

And Bill Kladis’: Autonomy In Real-Time Effects.

As reference

This is what I have so far, but i’m not really sure if this the correct way to transform positions in blueprint. Anyone able to help out?



There’s a pre-skinned position node in the material editor, just do a spheremask between that and a position you feed in through blueprints! Do you need multiple impacts, do they need to accumulate?

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That’s what I’m using in my shader: Pre-skinned into B and a Vector Parameter (Position) into A.

For now one impact is sufficient, the issue is that the location originating from the linetrace is in world position, this needs to be translated into Pre-Skinned position in order for it to appear correctly.

Tom and Bill cover this, but I have yet to figure out the last steps.

Ok gotcha, sorry I overlooked a few details. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that you’d just need to swap those two?

Hi Bruno, I tried this just recently. it seems that swapping it still returns the same location.
Also, it seems to be accurate when hitting the root bone, but any other bones hit are not returning the correct locations

side note they’re returning the ‘correct location’ but it’s not transforming into the correct Pre-Skinned Position ‘Location’

Did you ever manage to get this working?