Transfer emitter Local to World in Niagara

So I have a Niagara System and spawn particles in a cylinder along Z axis. When I attach it to a bone of a mesh, the emitter doesn’t take the rotation from the bone. So it’s always spawning along world Z-axis and I don’t want that. I want it to spawn taking the rotation/position of the bone as its parent, but after spawning, they detach from the bone completely.

Would it work as a local space effect? I believe the whole system gets the correct transform if you’re doing it in local space.

But if not, you probably need to manually copy the transform from the bone. It’s kinda confusing how transforms move through a Niagara system. Often, you need to dive into a node and specifically set it to what you want.

Hi, which Unreal version are you using? This behaviour is supported since, I believe, 4.27. If you don’t have access to 4.27 in your current situation, you can try to copy the module over to your current project. You might need to do it by hand and replace a few nodes that are different. No clue.


Here’s where the transformation for the cylinder distribution happens:

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