Trail Length Issue

Hi there,

I am working on an effect like Nautilus’ Q from LoL.

I am struggling to figure out though how to get my chain to work properly. I created a mesh of two links looped together, that trail behind a circle I am temporarily using in place of an anchor.

I am struggling to figure out though how to get them to not trail behind on the way back in, but to give the appearance of retraction like Nautilus.

I’m crossing my fingers that solving this is an easy few clicks in some settings I am failing to see.

Thank you in advance!

One question: Are you using Unreal or Unity?

I have a feeling this would be better done as a beam setup in Unreal/Niagara
You need to move both your origin point and your end location towards the center - otherwise It’s never going to match Nautilus’s hook.

Oh thank you! I had thought about seeing if I could get it to work as a beam emitter when I was away from my desk, but by the time I came back to it I had forgotten! I am using Niagara for this.

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Oh okay!
You’re probably going to input your beam coordinates (origin/end) through a BP (If it’s a real gameplay actor) otherwise you can just fake the animation by animating the coordinates inside the emitter. I believe it has to be a dynamic beam so you need to add the update beam script.
There’s some beam examples in content example project by Epic too.
GL HF :slight_smile: