Tracer's Blink - Unity VFX


I am trying out Tracer’s Blink in Unity. This is initial blocking. I need to add a lot of things in this.
Just a single particle emitter parented to player (box in this case), emitting single particle in worldspace with Trail module ON.

Critics and comments welcome :slight_smile:


Hi !

I think you can have a better feeling with a little bit of motion on the cube’s animation and make the trail with a sharper shape and more stylized.

Maybe you already have this gift in your references, but in the doubt :wink:

I’ll follow the result :smiley:


Oh yeah … I was looking for this Gif, Thanks man.

I am trying to add the flashes before and after, Also need to polish the trail more.

I am too bad at programming trying to figure out how to find current position of the cube(player) before he moves so that I can trigger the blink flash FX on the same position.

I ll post an update soon :slight_smile: