Tornado and Fireball study

Hello everyone,
I’m studying two effects for this month and would like if I could get critiqued so I am able to push the effect further. I’m trying to have my effects triggered via the keyboard keys, any help would be appreciated in accomplishing that. Thank you.
These are the reference videos I’m using for these effects.

Hey man, great job with the VFX you tried to make, attempting a tornado is always fun and there’s many ways to do that. You have a lot of the elements required like smoke, embers, cones etc but I would attempt this in a totally different way and I’d suggest you to do that too if you want to make your tornado look better.

Firstly, tutorials are not references. Be careful learning from people with a sketchy reputation, specially if they’re for your project & PORTFOLIO class. :slight_smile:

That being said, a big NO NO NO to spawning a tonne of particles and using an orbital module. Instead, try creating a cone shaped mesh and make a shader that pans a texture along them. Here are a few examples of this being done:

Check out some of the entries for 12 - Tornado - Real Time VFX

Now to the fireball, good job learning from the tutorial but now build upon that and push it even more! Currently the projectile just appears and disappears. Add a cast / spawn effect when it creates. Go ahead and make an impact effect when it hits the sphere.

Lastly, try keeping your presentation clean. Don’t show unnecessary effects, fly around a room or numbers on a HUD. Make a clean, neutral room to show your VFX.

For the triggering you’ll have to make a blueprint and create an input mouse click or input K whatever and hook that up to a spawn emitter at location. Next, place an empty actor in your scene where you want the effect to spawn and then select it in blueprint and do a get actor location. Plug that into your spawn emitter inside the location and from the drop down select your particle system.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the critique. I’ll be more mindful about what videos and sources I use. Thank you for the links, these sources are going to be very useful! I’ll work on cleaning up my particles, scene, and to add a blueprint. I’ll be posting an update this Friday on this project.

Hello, I have a question. I’m not fully understanding how to set my blueprints to get my fireball to trigger with a keyboard input. Could you explain to me more thoroughly how to set that up.

Of course!

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This is awesome! Thank you :slight_smile: This makes a lot more sense now.

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