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Tinkering… I don’t get to do it much. However, when I do I will try to share a few things here.

Figured I would add a picture to the initial post (copy from image below):


I am building a mechanical thingy mc-doohicky. It needs lots of mechanical stuff.
So I am writing a suite of tools to do the modeling for me (partially)…

Started a wire automation tool in 3ds max last night. I wrote a few path finding algorithms to get the wires to behave in different ways. Going to take another day or two and make it more robust. Here are a few screen shots of some tests.


Took some time last night to build an automated rigging system for the wires. By simply checking a “Build Dynamic Skeleton” checkbutton on the ui, a full rig with physics constraints will be created and ready to simulate. The simulation uses proxy geo to maintain performance when running 50+ wire rigs.

Here are a few tests:


Hmm, first thing that comes to mind is to use something like this for sprite/mesh panning things.

Though, the wire-setup is sweet as-is!


I am not sure I get what you mean by :

Can you elaborate a bit?

Hi jbaldwin,
The wire rigs are looking cool! I wonder if there is a way to make something similar within UE4. I’ve seen people make spline scripts that conform to geometry, but I’ve never used physics with a spline before. Random thoughts. :sweat_smile:

I believe what Luos_83 is talking about is panning a texture across the wire mesh from one end to the other, kind of like how electricity would flow through a cable.

Spent almost 10 hours on this total, so I am moving to the next tool as I am running out of time.
I added another feature today and flushed out the ui really fast.

Primary features supported:

  1. Path Finding
  2. Dynamic Skinning and Simulation
  3. Projections

Here was a test using a dead space path set:

There is. With programming, (almost) anything is possible…

Ah I see. If this is the case then yes. Each wire is built with custom uv’s for the attributes generated.

I refuse to call it… blaarghsoulerblaarghcoaster.

These are physics based: Messy, hanging, multi-cables on Vimeo

So you should be able to combine that with the pathfinding and Bob’s your uncle.

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ryan brucks made a procedural vine system in ue4. there’s a livestream about it too.

Love it man! Looking really cool!

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s all done!

Sorry, forgot to update this thread months ago…
Here was the result of the tool in a modeling project:

When work clears up, I am going to do a substance and holographics pass.