thinkingParticles - game cinematics update

Hi, here is a space where we can share some of the ‘awemazing’ game cinematics create with thinkingParticles and related news. Although, a lot are difficult to come by since game companies, like film, don’t give easy approval for shots.

I will share as an opener, an interview with Paul Parneix and Alessandro Nardini who does game cinematics for Ubisoft.

  1. Part 1: Paul Parneix exclusive insights (Destructions) Unit Image-Ubisoft For Honor game effects, the making of, and career in VFX. (This is the cebas Testimonial Page )

  2. Part 2: Uncharted Territory to Unit Image - Italiano: Alessandro Nardini (Destructions) - thinkingParticles effects and how his freelance career went international ! ( This is the cebas Testimonial Page )

Hope it will be interesting to those who does game VFX. Send me any questions that you might have.