ThermalAmped: Sketch #15

Current Progress:

Hey Guys!

I started earlier but just got around to posting now! No worries I took looks of Gifs in the meantime!

I keep talking about making an ice themed effect at least in person, I have a very large fondness for ice and ice themed creations and I thought it was would be a pretty cool to do an punchy ice bomb for explode!

I was quite inspired by this effect by Mirza:

Started at humble beginnings and place holders:

With additional inspiration from Kel’Thuzad’s kit from heroes of the storm. Which meant add a chain!!

Then I learned about bloom for the first time and accidentally blinded myself by overtuning. Also gifts don’t capture bloom well :X

Made a rough model to be my giant ice shard, and updated a older shader I had made from an earlier failed project.

Spent all of today polishing! I replaced some of the older textures. (Updated Snow flakes and made the chain more frozen looking)

Made small snappy changes to sizing and timing!

More polishing:

But I’ll definitely record it using . . . not licecap, though it serves me super well in this way.

Things left to do:

Update the outer ring and pulsing ring textures.
Update the final flash timing wish and texture wise.