Thermal Amp: Sketch #12


This’ll actually be my first official post! Why not jump right into things!

I’m making a point to actually use mesh based effects this time. I’ve gotten used to using just the particle system and textures, but I’ve always tip toed around using meshes directly. What better time to start but now.

I’m using Maya, Photoshop cs6 and unity.

The plan is to make a stylized and explosive tornado/cyclone. Like you’d see in an JRPG for a magic attack.

RIght now I’ve been playing with shader forge and UVs on a simple model.



A little more progress made! Made a new mesh to better reflect what I’m trying to get,

As well as updated the shader, as I’m going for a more winter themed tornado effect.


Huzzah! Next thing on the to do list is to either start working on the other particles or refine the shader more. I was reading a way to manipulate the the mesh using the shader it self.

Incidentally on testing that very same theory. I accidentally borked the entire thing, which resulted in a pretty happy accident.