There is a problem I can't solve with UVs

Hello, I am really really new in VFX and modeling. I can’t get around this problem I am having, I am making a cylinder in blender but when I export it to UE4 I end up having a different UV map. This didn’t happen with a cube for example, but I can’t do it with the cylinder.

Are you concerned that it’s triangulated? that will happen on import to the engine. nothing wrong with your uvs. you also probably want to make sure it completely fills the 0-1 uv space if you are tiling your texture.

Yes, that was my problem. Thanks bro, I didn’t even know what was happening, I’m going to try to fix it. Also I could’t fill the uv space completely cuz I didn’t know how to, but now I know that you can press shift key and it will align the uv to the corners.
BTW, I didn’t know where to post this, so I was wondering if there is some kind of sub topic here for newbies like me. I am trying to make and earth explotion and I only got some kind of cyllinder looking earth fountain.

I just wanted to be clear there is no issue with it being triangulated. That’s going to happen when you import to an engine and it’s not a problem.

Lots of folks like to start their own sketchbooks in the ‘Personal Work’ category. That’s a great way to track your own progress and get feedback. Also join us on discord and share in the critique and feedback channel.