The Legend of Zelda : Fan Art



Nice work! Lots of beautiful detail in the blue explosion in particular

Nicely done! The smoke in the explosion effect is wonderful :heart:

cool,nice shape and noise

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Those effect look sick ! would love to know how you did it, especially this fire, pretty cool. well done ! ^^

Love the explosion’s look and feel.

@qwejinxiaozhe Looks awesome! could you do a breakdown on how you made the explosion?


Thank you for your like, I will start making the breakdown, it will take some time :grin:


It really amazes me the blue fire explosion, I wonder what tools did you use to create it. It will be awesome a breakdown of the effect

Does the explosion have a panning noise to break up the pattern? The VFX still looks really cool after revistting this discussion! I want to find out more about it