TextureSampler as input for Custom node

Hi guys

I cant find any reference of how we can pass TextureSample (not TextureObject) to Custom node.

Could you elaborate a little bit more? Do you mean pass the result of Texture sample into a custom node?

As example:

float3 a = Texture2DSample(Tex, TexSampler, UV2);*

return a;

We use TextureObject, and tile it by multiply UV by 2.
I want to use TextureSampler instead.

Oh, I think the TextureSample node just wraps that function tbh, I don’t think you can pass an object or pointer for it into custom nodes. (not really sure of that though)

What are you trying to achieve with it that cannot be achieved using the Texture2DSample as is?

PCF filtering for shadow map

Ah, I haven’t really looked into things like that.

Have you tried asking tech art or graphics programming channels, I think you’ll have more succes there.

No needed. I figured it out. Im an idiot. Well… sort of. :slight_smile:
Long ago i read somewhere what “dynamic render targets cannot be used in TextureObjectm cause texture object obly can have some static texture!”. Its wrong, but i was believed it true :roll_eyes:

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