Text From Niagara

I need to create some debug particles that are basically just text.

Is there an easy way to do this niagara natively? Or should I just make a texture with my word and plug that into a material?

You can create a new material, plug the Dynamic Parameter to any “Debug Float” node, then in Niagara assign the material and use the Dynamic Material Parameter module to feed the value you need to display.


Thanks man. I needed to use words rather than numbers.

I wound up just making a single texture sheet with all of the various words and using a parameter to “move” the texture on the x,y for the various particles (I had about 14 of them)

If you need to debug any parameters that exist inside Niagara, you can also use the Niagara Debugger, to get in-world debug information. The Niagara Debugger is incredibly powerful and often underutilised.
You can debug anything, from System performance to individual Particle Attributes!