Tedd_IO : Sketch #25 Slow

Final Version:

This was a fun and productive project for my first VFX monthly sketch, I have reached the point where I am not quite sure what to add or change in the effect to make it better, and the end date approaches so this is the final update, I am quite happy with how it turned out, although i would still enjoy any feedback I can receive.

I Will keep the WIPS and old info below:


Hello, this shall be my first participation in the monthly sketches. I’ve picked the slow status effect, and plan on trying to make an effect inspired by the VFX of the Dishonored series, specifically death of the outsider.

The Idea for the FX is a mystical construct that moves erratically like crystals of dark energy. and when living beings approach it a tether will form that will distort space around them, slowing them down.

Right now I only have the very basic sketch of how the crystals might move (still playing around with possibilities and refining) I Will Update the Thread with more WIPs as I continue to work on the sketch.

WIP 1: Crystal movement.


WIP 2:


WIP 3:


Working so that the effect now builds up as the slow gets stronger due to proximity to the crystal. also trying to make it clearer that the crystal is affecting the sphere and not the other way around.

Any Feedback, tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated