"tech art" vs TD ? tools & pipeline

My company has an open req for a tech artist but I don’t think the title is right and they are going to miss out on attracting the right candidates.

What they want is (IMO) a tools and pipeline engineer since the job responsibility is the intersection of Unity & Maya (a C# & Mel/python guru) I’m asking what do you all think the title would say, a co-worker said : “pipeline unicorn”

I thought this would be called a TD (technical director); what do you think?
tech art engineer?

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The Term Tech Art has become soo broad at this point, but yea, definitely sounds like you want a tools guy, but a lot of people tend to do both, so I guess there’s no harm as long as the job description explains it?

But I think TD sounds more accurate.

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Agreed To @DeepSpaceBanana TD is more on the tools and pipeline